Looking for Signs

Posted by on Dec 17, 2008 in Writing | 5 comments



        Relentless gray.


















    Bright spots.









  1. Love the second shot.

  2. I like Luna in the snow, cleverly walking in that ridge 🙂 And I like the apple tree! I wish we had some snow here!

  3. Thanks, leafless, and welcome.

    TGITC, yes, Luna is clever like that, except when she falls off the curb — being blind on her right side it’s easy enough to do. I laugh and then feel guilty for laughing.

  4. hey, these are GREAT! And where is that little dog going, all full of herself and trailing her red leash? Love it.

  5. Hi oh! Little Luna was beelining it back to my place! I’m outta here, she’s thinking in doggy thoughts. I let go of the leash for fear that I’ll slip trying to keep up with her! Hah!

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