Simple Discoveries

snackWe talk about simple pleasures for better lives — actually, I don’t; the mysterious “they” do — but what about simple discoveries?

Just now, I discovered that a munchilicious snack next to my computer helps me stay seated during the afternoons. (Mornings, I’m fine.) Apparently, shoving food into my mouth waylays restlessness and distractibility.

Obviously, I’m using food as an emotional Band-Aid, but who cares? I’m here, I’m writing, I’m content. (And carrots and hummus are healthy.)

I don’t know why I only discovered this now, years later. I suppose because I’m turning over a New Year’s leaf in one small way: weekly grocery shopping rather than winging it day-to-day. In other words, I actually have decent food in the fridge!

Who knew weekly grocery shopping would improve my writing habits?

What about you, any surprisingly simple discoveries?