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A new year, and I’m off and running with my writing projects. 2018 will see a novella published. I’m still writing crime fiction, but I’m also having fun with new types of projects. The novella, Immortal’s Penance, is one of a series of standalone novellas inspired by a tarot card game called Labyrinth of Souls, invented by Matthew Lowes. I had a blast writing the novella–so outside my usual sandbox! It’s a twisted, fantastical tale, and I love it!

For more information about Labyrinth of Souls, the game and the novellas, see here.

I’m also excited that my short story, “It’s Everything But Partytime,” will be included in an anthology called Murder-A-Go-Go‘s coming out early 2019 from Down & Out Books. This is a special project whose proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood, and it will include many award-winning and critically acclaimed authors of crime fiction. More information soon!


“complex and darkly atmospheric”
           ~ Mystery Scene Magazine about Path Into Darkness

In Path Into Darkness, Danny, my detective, faces a life-or-death decision in his personal life at the same time that he’s investigating a grisly murder of a local man. Not only that, he gets pulled into dark affairs of the Tate family when he learns of patriarch Nathan Tate’s connection to the murder victim.


I recently hit the Oregon coast for four days of writing and beach/dog walking and relaxing. I call these trips “my own private writing retreats.” In addition to getting about 25 pages written, I thought about 2018 and what its theme could be. I decided on “back to basics.” Simplifying my life to lessen stressors, keeping my promises to myself (big and small), and focussing on physical and financial health. I have some concrete goals around all of these.

Happy 2018 to you!