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Click the image to find out more about the book!

Click the image to find out more about the book! Coming August 2017!

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What’s on my mind as December begins? Taking stock.

I love the holiday season. The festive lights and decorations brighten the dark days and gloomy rains. There’s nothing like a hot toddy beside a roaring fire, along with the smell of a Douglas fir, to bring a sense of peace.

This is the time of year I start taking stock, which inevitably includes my plans to become a more organized person in the New Year. Yes, I have the same goal every year, it seems! It’s practically a ritual, and every year I look forward to trying out some new organizational system. This year, I’m going to order a dreambook+planner from here–>http://dreambook.vision/

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! ~Lisa

celticknot WHISPERS IN THE MIST is available!
Mist has settled over Lisfenora village, bringing with it tales of a predatory faery called Grey Man. When a teenage boy dies in Danny’s arms, he finds himself pursuing his own grey man, a killer who becomes more elusive the closer Danny gets to the truth. A mysterious hermit jewelry maker, a mute woman on a quest to reconcile a past murder, and a dog turned hero join Merrit and Danny in the next installment of the County Clare mysteries.