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Welcome to summer! And to my updated website. I’m ramping up for the release of my third novel, Path Into Darkness. Preordering available!

In Path Into Darkness, Danny, my detective, faces a life-or-death decision in his personal life at the same time that he’s investigating a grisly murder of a local man. Not only that, he gets pulled into dark affairs of the Tate family when he learns of patriarch Nathan Tate’s connection to the murder victim.


“A dark, compelling mystery with numerous plot twists and well-drawn characters interwoven with an involving portrait of life in a small insular Irish village.” ―Booklist

“Heartwrenching … engaging … A haunting tale rife with gruesome murders and secrets, Path into Darkness shines.” ―Foreward Reviews


Meanwhile, what’s going on in my every-day life? I recently spent a week on retreat in rural Washington tucked away with two writer friends. We each had our own cozy cabin, and we’d get together in the evenings for dinner and talk. Talk about idyllic. I had two goals on two projects, both of them under wraps for now, hehe. The first: Come to grips with plotting frustrations on the current work-in-progress. I advanced on that, for sure, but I need beta readers at this point to provide feedback. The second: Mine a fledgling novel idea into something that excites me. Result: I’m excited! (And now have a loose ideas for two more novels as a result.)

Hope you have a great summer!



Mist has settled over Lisfenora village, bringing with it tales of a predatory faery called Grey Man. When a teenage boy dies in Danny’s arms, he finds himself pursuing his own grey man, a killer who becomes more elusive the closer Danny gets to the truth. A mysterious hermit jewelry maker, a mute woman on a quest to reconcile a past murder, and a dog turned hero join Merrit and Danny in the next installment of the County Clare mysteries.