Internet Sightings

If you’re curious about my writing life, my life, me in general (some warts visible), please check out the following list of selected essays, guest posts, and interviews:


June 27th, Murder Is Everywhere: Memory Is a Slippery Mistress — Thoughts About Ireland

June 15th, InkSpot: 5 Ways I Improved PATH INTO DARKNESS at the Last Minute

May 10th, ShadowSpinners: Marilyn, Perfectionism, and Quitting

April 20th, InkSpot: When the Book Reviews Start Coming in …

March 16th, InkSpot: Gazing Out Windows in Ireland and on the Novel Page

February 14th, Authors on the Air: Live radio interview by Pam Stack


October 4th, write now! coach: article, The Calendar Hacks of Five Successful Authors

September 29th, InkSpot: My Bouchercon experience over the years

September 10th, The Reading Room, Author spotlight interview

September 7th, Jungle Red Writers: A great anecdote about meeting the matchmaker in Ireland

September 4th, Writer Unboxed: When your characters need therapy

August 20th, Dru’s Book Musings: Day in the life of my character Merrit Chase

August 20th, The Debutante Ball: Interview

August 17th, InkSpot: Celebrating the book launch

August 15th, Criminal Minds: Talking about my tics

August 12th: Mystery Playground: Signature cocktail recipe–the Misty Whisper!

August 10th, Shelf Pleasure: Returning to Ireland after a decade

August 9th,, author interview

August 5th, Omnimystery News: Irish novel research: the pubs