A Little Sanity

Weekend writing spot: Laptop, dog, beans and rice, what could be better?
Weekend writing spot: Laptop, dog, beans and rice, what could be better?

I think, but I’m not sure, that I started off this week a million times more sane than last week. Don’t get me wrong, at various points over the weekend stress nipped at me, reminding me of its existence while I went about my business trying to have a weekend away from the work.

That was my main goal for weekend — SAY “NO” TO WORK — because I needed, wanted, had to work on short story edits. This story will be published in an anthology, and I’ve been sitting on the editor’s notes for weeks, closer to two months. I’ve longed for the brainspace to sit down with the story and clean it up. But until this past weekend, I was out of my mind.

This weekend I was only a little out of my mind. In fact, I’d say SAYING “NO” TO WORK and forcing myself to ignore the stressed heart-thumps and chest pressures did me a world of good. I feel better for having time with my fiction.

(Unfortunately, I did work over the weekend, but just a little on Saturday morning and last night. Mostly, I had my weekend.)

In fact, the anthology’s editor called me Saturday morning. I rushed to assure her that the short story was open on the monitor. Apparently, she wasn’t concerned about the edits though. She was concerned that given my fragile state of late, I’d take this blog post the wrong way.

I had to laugh when I read the post, and I’m looking forward to hearing her rude-writer tales. You’ll also see my comment. Rest assured, I’m not one of the unprofessional writers she was talking about. Why? Because I communicated with her along the way — and I know how to format a bloody manuscript! (Aspiring writers: heed her post.)

She’s smart. She suggested that I might feel better if I left my apartment for a real lunch hour. That seems obvious (so why hadn’t I thought of it?). I didn’t try this today; instead, I clowned around outside with plants, a neighbor, and my dog. That counts for a lunch hour though.

And it helped!

You know what else helped? Instead of stumbling straight from bed to drowning in work-muck without coffee (much less breakfast) until hours later, I took thirty minutes to shower, say a quality “hello” to the animals, fix coffee, dress in real clothes, and step out onto the deck for a few quality inhalations.

I can’t remember the last time I showered in the morning. Usually, I get it in whenever, which is often right before bed. Amazing what a difference that makes…sigh…

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  • your lunch spot is very picturesque! of course, the dog really “pops” it!

    Just as I was headed into the fresh air of this sunny morning, I started to sneeze. i saw the green pollen all over the black driveway. I will do my workout indoors, until the over-the-counter allergy meds kick in.

    • Oh Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your allergies! I’m grateful allergies aren’t something I have to contend with…I’ve noticed my dog’s eye is a little runny though!

  • I must say…I like this advice! I have been writing so much I have forgotten to eat…sometimes shower…let alone converse with other humanoids. Work will always be there. It is so hard to let go and say…I have done enough today.

    How does one achieve balance? I have no clue.

    I am glad I came over to visit you today. Hope you keep your sanity. Mental health is everything!

    You can find me over here now:


    I am writing about mental health of all things. :>)

    • Hi Meander, thanks for visiting. Yep, sounds like you know exactly what I mean–it’s a pretty grueling routine. Hope you start taking lunch hours too! Glad to hear your writing is going so well!


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