End of an Era

threefriends11I’m coming at you live from a cafe called Three Friends. As a sign of my mood, sitting around a coffee house rates as positive.

Yesterday I received my first paycheck in a long while. Thus, my writing grant time-off officially ends.

It was great while it lasted. Too bad I had preposterous hopes during that time, namely that I wouldn’t have to work a day-job ever again, that I’d land that publishing deal, that yadda yadda yadda…

threefriends3I won’t dwell on the only-ifs like I won’t dwell on the fact that my time-off was supposed to last until July, 2009. Bloody economy.

Officially, I’m now an Instructional Designer. A fancy term for writing training material. I found an ongoing contracting gig with a family-run company that manages outsourced documentation projects for a certain gynormous software corporation.

I made it out the other end of my turmoil, and I’m no longer depressed or panicked. In fact, in the spirit of positivism for 2009, let me count all the ways my new gig is good:

1. First and foremost, I’ll still have time for fiction. I’m predicting that the new gig will be part-time with full-time spurts, and I’m predicting that because of its deadlines, I’ll become more efficient all around.

2. I’m astounded at how well it pays. (Thanks to bottomless gynormous-corporation coffers.)

threefriends23. This is a better fit for me than the salaried job I left behind, which enervated me in the biggest way even though it, too, was part-time, from home. (Key word: “salaried.” Meaning: still enmeshed in a corporate culture with its 1-on-1s, meetings, boss politics, and performance reviews.)

4. I can take on as much or as little work as I want, which means that I can still take writing sabbaticals and travel if I want. (In fact, I might have to go on another mini-writing retreat here soon!)

5. This is going to sound backwards but finding this gig halted my desperation to land that publishing contract now. I can go back to taking my sweet time, concentrating on craft and my next story.

6. I’m used to living lean — I’m pretty simple anyhow — but a little leeway will be nice. I love summer sandals! And a pedicure now and then? Heaven!

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  • Sounds like things are off to a great start for the new year. And you are right, all girls need a pedicure now and then. 🙂

  • I’m so pleased. As a writer who takes on freelance business writing, I can say that it’s far far better than going into an office and having your energy drained by politics and people.

    I am sure 2009 is going to be wonderful for you Lisa, both creatively and financially.

  • Awesome pictures…very writerly. I have not updated my blog in ages and haven’t figured out how to make my updates refresh to the top of the page. They appear in the middle. Do you know how to fix that? Happy new year. Personally, the busier I am, the more (creatively) productive I am, too. I’m sure this will happen to you. The work thrives on less worry about publication.

  • If one must work (aside from writing), then it sounds as if you have a near perfect situation right now. I hope you are inspired to new heights in your fiction!

  • It’s so true, Charlotte, talk about office politics as a creativity drain!

    Hi Caroline, I’ll be I have more fun writing the next novel now that I’m not feeling so much pressure — can’t wait!

    Thanks, Becca! This is a near perfect day-job situation. Yay!

  • When I went back to work (2 kids in college will do that to you) I found myself writing more than when I had all day.
    Sounds like you’ve found the best of all worlds.

  • Susan, hi! Long time! I’m getting back in the swing of visiting others’ blogs — I’ll pop into yours soon! Meanwhile, glad to hear that working helped your writing!

  • As long as you can continue with a good meal at DeNicola’s everything will be fine.

    Where ever you may presently be doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the same place tommorow. So let’s assume you will make the best of things, and enjoy the paycheck.

    See you soon. LB


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