Free-For-All Friday: Fun Bookish Meme

I like the idea of writing a fun Friday post, possibly one that’s interactive, or maybe one that contains random stuff or a weekly round-up (which were Friday memes that went around at some point). I did this for awhile. Maybe I’ll do a Friday-something again for awhile (but probably only for awhile because I’m no good with routines).

I’ll call these my Free-For-All Fridays so as not to confuse them with other memes (not that this is a meme — but it can be, I suppose — anything goes).

Saw a meme on One Word, One Rung, One Day. Goes like this: What’s the closest book on hand — no thinking about it! If there are many, choose one at random. Turn to page 56 and cite two to five lines. Tag people if you want. Cool way to get to know my readers!

My book was sitting under a paper pile on my desk. I’d scribbled Irish-slang notes all over the inside covers. From Tana French’s The Likeness:

I was having a hard time breathing; the air felt too thick, almost solid. One of the flourescents was on the fritz and it gave the room a shimmery, epileptic look, something out of a fever dream. A couple of the big binders lined up on the filing cabinets still had my handwriting down the spines. Sam pulled up his chair to his desk and glanced at me with a faint furrow between his eyebrows, but he didn’t say anything, and I was grateful for that.

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  • From Russell Banks’ “The Reserve”

    He wore a short, fleece-lined leather jacket, plain flannel shirt, and tan slacks, and he was hatless. More so than the others, his relaxed, self-assured demeanor and his clothing marked him as an American or possibly Canadian or Australian. In recent months, there had been many such men crossing from France into Spain at this place, and while they stood out they were no longer unexpected.

  • When I first read this, I thought: “Strange, I was just thinking about doing some kind of Friday interactive exercise . . .” And then I remembered that the genesis of that thought came from you and the Friday Fess Up! Duh.

    Anyway, thanks for this meme, as I’d forgotten that certain books are on my desk, considering most are buried underneath a lot of junk. The book I picked up, no thinking, is Kafka’s The Blue Octavo Notebooks.

  • Mysterious M, you comment! Been awhile! Like the passage — might have to check that book out.

    Hi w, that’s too funny — guess we were on the same wavelength! I’m impressed that Kafka is sitting around on your desk.


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