Friday ‘Fess Up + Four = Friday Five

I’m combining two Friday memes that seem to be going around (but not like a virus). First, the literate kitten’s invitation to ‘fess up to our crimes and misdemeanors against our writing efforts and then a “friday five,” in which we list five random things about our week, about anything. I like both ideas, so I’m combining them…

1.  ‘Fessing up: Ideally, my writing work-week begins on Monday. This week Monday was once again my Sunday. I don’t know why, but Monday often turns out to be the one day of the week that’s truly mine and truly free (except for the fact that I’m supposed to be writing, of course).

Also, I’ve finally discovered the fun of participating in the blogosphere with a blogroll, comments, and so on. YIKES! Blogging: procrastination, time sink, distraction! The fact that I know what the word “meme” means frightens me. I must take care — this week got a little out of hand.

Two new scenes written; one of them felt particularly good.

2. Self-promotion has been on my mind lately. I recommend the how-did-you-find-your-audience? series of author interviews on debuting novelist (2009) DeAnna Cameron’s blog. Worthwhile reading.

3. A strange thing happened at my mom’s house. I happened to pop in while an arborist was trimming the trees. This arborist was a delicate women who spoke with a breathy Jackie-O voice and wore her cumbersome tool belt gracefully. I swear that her gaze quickened when my mom mentioned my writing. “Oh, you’re a writer?” she said. I could see it in her eye — suddenly I was interesting. Seems she writes also (go figure). She asked me for advice about how to transition from short story to novel. I bumbled my way through an answer, which was based on my personal experience, and she actually thanked me as if what I had said came out of an “expert” place, like I knew what I was talking about or something. Frankly, I felt weird. To some folks, I might be considered an expert?

2. Started reading The Gathering by Anne Enright. OOh, baby, I can already tell this novel is going to be one of the stand-outs on my 2008 reading list. Starts out, I would like to write down what happened in my grandmother’s house the summer I was eight or nine, but I am not sure if it really did happen, and continues on fascinating me with its stark yet lush voice. Technique-wise, the way she circles around the unknown event is masterful in its non-linearity.

5. Photo of the week as shown above: One of the many reasons why I love Italy (Siena). It’s probably too much to ask that he’s got a novel tucked away in his backpack, isn’t it?

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  • Hi Lisa, thanks for dropping by. Good for you on the 2 new scenes. Keep going.

    I’m still only starting on Bird by Bird – but it feels a book I might actually finish. I smiled at how she reminds the reader that she wrote some terrible, terrible stories before she wrote anything credible.

    I can live with that. 🙂

    I was in Rome a few years back, and the beautiful Italian men made the trip very special. This is the place where they find Hugo Boss models!

    We even went to a restaurant 3 nights in a row because one of the waiter looked just like Vin Diesel.

    Great memories in Italy!

  • 1. Meme? Yep, got that one and trope too. You and I must hang out (and procrastinate) at the same blogs!

    2. Deanna Cameron, check. I bookmarked the site to my ever-growing and never-ending list of sites to study and learn from.

    3. Something similar happened to me with our real-estate agent a few months ago when we were looking for a house. She’s not a writer and has no desire to be, but now she’s convinced I must be uber-intelligent because I’ve written a few books. Yeah, right…

    4. The Gathering–haven’t read this one yet, but I’ll definitely add it to my TBR list.

    5. Ah, Italy, never been there but I’d really like to go–if only I can get over my fear of flying.

    Have a great weekend!


    P.S. Hope you don’t mind, I linked to your blog in a post I wrote today and if I ever get around to updating my blogroll, you’ll be there too!

  • Oh, Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog! I’m impressed by this meme. Trouble is, I have so many writing crimes to fess up to this week. I’m supposed to do 25 pages by the end of each week, and I’m afraid I’ve mostly read blogs, checked out my horoscope (bad week for making decisions!), and played endless Spider Solitaire. Even went and drank wine with my former editor…much more fun than writing! But next week! I’m shaping up!!

  • Caitlyn, thanks for adding me to your blogroll when you get to it. About point three: Every once in awhile it occurs to me that writing fiction IS hard and that I ought to try being as impressed with myself as others sometimes are…

    Sandi: 25 pages! That’s my usual first-draft goal: five pages each day, Monday thru Friday. Obviously, that doesn’t always work out! I’m so impressed I just added you to my blogroll.

    Between you and Caitlyn above, who wrote 5,000 words this week, I’m feeling pretty paltry. Gets my competitive spirit going for next week!


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