How Do I Get the Writing Done Today?

At the computer, ready to write. First, as usual, I read my email. Unfortunately, a friend sent a petition. Here’s the link: Guillermo Vargas.

I’m one of those animal lovers who pets every dog within sight, and now I can’t get the images out of my head. Yet, I did just now open up my first draft, position my cursor, touch my fingers to the keyboard…but the images linger.

Animal cruelty gets to me, and in this case especially because I lived in Central and South America. I remember those street dogs and how distressed I was every day — never got used to seeing their sad and abandoned and starved walking-dead bodies.

So, how do I get the writing done today? No one will be surprised if I go to a coffee house (without WiFi!), I’m sure. It might help to fill my head with new images — people at work and at rest and at play with their lattes and muffins…people laughing. That would be good.

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  • I’d go to the Art Museum. Fill your head with images of fantastic artistic creations in a medium other than your focus. Maybe that will purge your current internal slideshow and jog something in relation to your own creativity.

  • I gotta say, just peeked at your website and blog, and you’re pretty inspiring yourself! I’ll definitely check back with your blog. Thanks for commenting!

  • I should not have looked at the dog link. I’m going to walk my dogs. Moving around helps me write. And write I must today – no reading, no cleaning, no stalling…but first a walk with our canine fellows and then back to my desk. I hope you have long since returned to yours.

  • Thank you. In fact, I was just now crying again over animal cruelty — this time an online article I read about plastics in our oceans and its devastating effect on sea life. There was a photo of a sea turtle that got my waterworks going…

    I don’t know why I try to keep up on what’s going on in the world — all it does is devastate me…And this might be why I write fiction!


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