How’s This For Funny?

Here is an up-to-the-minute moment in my writer’s life:

This time of year the sun beams into my office around midafternoon. I love it. Unfortunately, today Luna the Loony Dog discovered the warmth also.

On my lap, of course.

Lovely for her. And cutesy for me for about two minutes. On the ground again (in the shade), she wouldn’t leave me alone. In the name of the writing god called revision, I decided to let her have her sun.

On myย desk, of course.

I’m whipped. I am SO whipped.

(Thanks goodness she’s smaller than my cat. And thank goodness the cat’s outdoors. He also likes to sunbathe on my desk…)

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  • One of my dogs finds the tiniest beam of sunshine and curls herself so tightly to get every part of herself in it. And she’s a Lab. I have to monitor their sunbathing outside as well cause our Retriever will sit and sit and sit until she’s panting good and proper. And it’s not good for her (but will she listen??)

  • Welcome, stacybuckeye, thanks for commenting. My cat is pesky that way too! Between the two of them…

    Hi Hilary, welcome to you too. That’s too funny, my dog sunbathes until she’s panting hard also. She’ll come in off the balcony, cool off for a bit, then go back out. I monitor her also.

    Hey TGITC — been keeping up on your filming posts: exciting! (I’ll comment at some point).

  • So cute ๐Ÿ™‚ One of my co-workers occasionally brings her dog (a Yorkie) into the office, and he curls up on his little bed on top of her desk in the corner of the cubicle!

    Mine like to lay between the legs of my desk chair…rather dangerous!

  • This picture is worthy of a book cover (one of your books, of course!) You could do one that’s completely pictures. Of your dog and cat. We all ADORE pet pics.

  • Hi Becca — your dog lives dangerously! As it is, sadly, I’ve heard the pained yelp when I’ve stepped into my dog. She’s so small I sometimes don’t see her underfoot!

    Hi oh, book covers — I’d love to be seriously thinking about book covers!


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