I Couldn’t Resist

Posted by on Nov 2, 2008 in Writing | 6 comments

I know, I know, election fatigue is officially upon us. But how could I resist this delectable political statement as seen at my favorite neighborhood bakery-cafe, Baker & Spice? Yum!


  1. I’M HUNGRY! hee-haw! great pic………

  2. I’m no longer hungry, alas, having just scarfed down my political cookie…:-)

  3. Those do look yummy! I am eager for election day to finally arrive. All the negative ads are starting to get to me. How is your writing going? Sorry to have been so neglectful…I need to catch up!

  4. Long time, no hear, MeMe! I’ve been popping over to your blog but not leaving comments, unfortunately. (I’ll leave some comments soon.) You know how that is with writing: Hard to say how it’s going…

  5. Haha! Those look great!

    This is one of the best political statements I’ve seen. So sweet. ;o)

  6. Hi Eve, long time: I love the owners of this cafe, they’re very cool — and know they’re baked goods too!

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