My Dull Memorial Day Weekend

This photo represents the most exciting event of this weekend. Epiphany! I can pull out a sheet of Reynolds Wrap without tipping the whole roll out of the box! Let’s be honest, how many of us have noticed this wee note on the end of the box?

Mostly, I’m working this holiday weekend. I’m “outlining” (quoted because my version of outlining is a little loose) the next scenes on my grand march toward “The End.” Mostly, this means a lot of brainstorming and imagining of the scenes. I find this part of the process (not that I engage in it much) tedious. I’m currently thinking through a scene titled “Danny Talks to Shamus.” Wow, exciting; no wonder I’m writing this post instead.

Tomorrow, I get back to the actual writing while millions of people bar-b-que and camp and welcome in the summer. It helps that it’s raining around here.

But lest you feel sorry for me, don’t. Yesterday I worked then hung out all afternoon and evening with friends. Even saw an old buddy play with his acoustic band. Will I go see that new Indiana Jones movie as previously mentioned? Doubtful now. I hear it sucks.


One comment on “My Dull Memorial Day Weekend

  • OMG! You’re so smart! And today I bought cling wrap (as they seem to call it here in Canada – it’s cling film in England, and I can’t remember anymore what it’s called in the US – saran wrap? plastic wrap?) and it too has the little push tabs! I promptly pushed them in. You made my day.

    We’re getting Portland’s rain today…a bit anyway…half a day of sunshine, then thunder and rain, now clearing as the sun sets. Hope your day went well!


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