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Is there a desk under there?

Is there a desk under there?

Just finished writing a short scene, and was about to start the next, when I made the mistake of gazing around my inner sanctum. Bad mistake — now I’m distracted by the mess. Over the past few weeks I’ve accomplished new heights of domestic godliness in all rooms except this one. I scrubbed, dusted, organized, vacuumed, and even carpet-cleaned. (Yes, I rented an actual machine.)

Except for the rugs, my industrious spurt did not extend to the office. The cleaning task is a burning imperative at this point. Unfortunately, I’m intimidated by my paper piles. Too many of them, and — I cheated! —

Sacrilege! A migrated paper pile atop my beloved dictionary!

Sacrilege! A migrated paper pile atop my beloved dictionary!

some of them migrated here from other rooms during the Big Clean.

Nothing to do but take my laptop to a coffeehouse, I think. This IS a holiday weekend, after all.

How many old manuscripts do I need, anyhow?

How many old manuscripts do I need, anyhow?

And while I'm at it, I'd better dust too...

And while I'm at it, I'd better dust too...


  1. Ha! You are a writer! Love the creative mess!

    • Yes, creative mess, that’s what this is! That’s a nice spin!

  2. Found you in a tag search. I can identify with your distraction. I like your mind. Congratulations on being taken seriously. All the best on your efforts with the new novel.


    • Thanks for checking out my blog, Bruce. Yes, distractions…like this blog!

  3. I’ve just been looking around my messy office and thinking the same thing. I have a half hour glass that I use when I feel like this — I turn it over and tell myself that I’ll clean and straighten until it’s through and then I’ll get back to work. I’m glad to hear about the new novel, by the way. It sounds very exciting!

    • That’s a great idea, Lily! Crossing fingers on the new novel — so far, okay.

  4. I should post my messy office pic to make you feel a little better. It’s a horror.

    • Yes, please post your messy office pic! 🙂

  5. So funny. I was just asking myself how many old manuscripts do I need anyway when I was in my closet looking for something on the shelves. I think I have every draft of every novel and story I’ve ever written in my entire life in this apartment… a tiny one-bedroom Village apartment. It’s probably time to purge!

    It’s hard to face it though.

    I love your pics. I think I’d freak people out if I started posting mine.

  6. best part? your name spelled out on the furniture!!!!!

  7. Here’s what I love about the manuscript pic: your table centerpiece from an old PNWA conference that I nagged you into attending! I have mine on my mantle over my firepace in my office. Hope your writing is going well. My writing life couldn’t be better!

    • Stace! Thanks for commenting–I actually thought about you when I posted the photo because of that centerpiece! Hah! Besos, Lisa

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