Persevering Like the Tortoise

This week I had occasion to remember a man who’s my role model for perseverance. I was glad he popped up because I’d forgotten he was my role model. Truth is, he’s an ex-boyfriend. Back in the 90’s we lived together with his son. Our break-up was the most amicable in the history of man.

In fact, this was a week of memories what with Tanya Parker Mills (previous post) reminding me of fun times at writing workshops and old childhood and adolescent pals contacting me through Facebook (trippy!). I probably shouldn’t have been surprised to see J-‘s (the ex-boyfriend’s) pottery highlighted in an ad for the local art scene while flipping through a foodie magazine.

Hey, I said aloud (probably to the dog), that could only be J-‘s wondrous pottery.

Hey, I further said as I noticed the credits, J-‘s got himself a real business name now.

Hm…I wondered…Yes! The man some might call a Luddite has a website!

And his pottery won Best in Show! And his art was spotlighted on a local morning show!

And that’s when I remembered that he’s the poster-man for perseverance. He’s the tortoise. He’s the artist who doesn’t follow trends. He’s the artist who hones his craft, pleases himself, and holds steady within his core. He’s the artist who follows his instincts. He’s the artist who says, this isn’t working; time to try such-and-such a new way. He’s the artist who keeps improving.

Now that I think about it, he’s a cross between the tortoise and the Energizer bunny (not the hare, never the hare). He’s the Energizer tortoise: he just keeps going. Better yet, he’s the Energizer tortoise who wears a Timex: takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

In any case, yeah, he’s a role model for perseverance.

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  • geez, that’s nice stuff. Your writing about his perseverance, and his stuff. Rock on, in these crazy times that so seriously need the creative approach to just about everything.

  • Thanks, oh: That was an easy post to write because it’s easy to say nice things about J-. He’s that kind of person.

    Mule stubborness, that too, Susan! I was glad to get the reminder also — role models are good tihngs.


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