Plotdog Press

Plotdog Press is a cool website for writers. Every week the creator hosts a W.O.O.F. (Writers Offering Our Finest) contest. 


WOOF Contest – Top 5 Picks:

About Writing
Lisa Alber – “What I Will NOT Do in the Next Few Days – How I met an anthology deadline in under four days.

Chungyen Chang – “when birds breathe – Visual verse on flight and despair. Please read from the bottom-up.
Robert Bourne – “The Middle years and My Paradoxical Soul – An inner reflective poem,

Puneet Kaur – “Standing still…” – The post is a simple painting that has many colours, many shades… time, music, ecstasy, hope…. life in general…. the course that life would take….. and much more!!
Jennifer M Scott – “495 to Baltimore – Two monologues about illicit love.

Brought to you by PlotDog Press with the Serial Thriller “Dead Play

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