Rethinking This Blog

After another fun day.
After another fun day.

Current status: After a week’s vacation visiting nephews, relaxed for the moment.

I may not be here on the page, but I ponder my blog often. I think to myself: Ah, I should write about that. Or: That would be a good blog post. But then, I don’t get around to writing the new posts. Instead, I jot a list of the posts I will write. Something like this:

Cultivating creativity
Taking stock

Fledgling Jedi masters
Fledgling Jedi masters

Hmm…Now I don’t remember what I was going to write. I’ve led myself into a blog-tangle, as if my posts need to be deep or significant — and include an appropriate photo, too. I’ve complicated the process.


So, I’m going to try a new blogging method: Shorter posts (hear these are better anyhow, for readability), not necessarily with an image. Reminder to self: This blog is about the trials and tribulations of my writing life. Most of the time, these trials and these tribulations aren’t deep or significant. They’re the daily blips that I imagine are typical of most fictionistas.

But hey, look what I just did–wrote a mini-essay about shortening my posts…And, included photos, too!

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  • Although putting images into blog posts is sometimes frustrating, they can be the cause of getting visits to one’s blog because lots of people now do searches via Google or Bing images.

    But, whether it will be the cause of getting one’s blog actually read, is another issue entirely.


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