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I’ve been meaning to pass this along for awhile:

Every Monday I receive an email called “Author Minute.” It comes through the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, and I don’t mind that I somehow landed on their list because sometimes the one-minute author soundbites are kinda interesting. Here, for example, are this week’s topics:

Monday: Balancing pacing and character in a suspense novel

Tuesday: Why novelist Chris Grabenstein loves mysteries

Wednesday: Elizabeth Brundage describes her writing schedule

Thursday: The joys of rewriting

Friday: The ups and downs of writing as a team

These author minutes arrive in your Inbox when you subscribe to a monthly online magazine called Author Author which also contains interesting tidbits. This week a novelist discusses how she’s given up planning her novels while another gives advice to the networking-shy.

This is also a good venue for those of you actively promoting your novels!

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