Silly Spaniel or Sporty Spaniel?

Before dog ownership, I knew, just knew, I was a person who:

1. would never own a lap dog, and

2. would never, EVER own a shivery lap dog.

Goes to show. Pulled out Luna’s spiffy new coat this morning because the chill is officially on around here. Silly Spaniel or Sporty Spaniel? I can’t decide.

(Later – it’s official: She’s not Sporty Spaniel. The sight of the coat excited her when I pulled it out for her evening walk. However, once dressed, she jumped onto the couch for more sleep. I hereby change my choices to Silly Spaniel or Stylista Spaniel — or Slacker Spaniel.)


The chilly weather compelled a new pet behavior. First time the cat and dog have snoozed in proximity to each other. Cat’s still the alpha, of course, but at least they’re not engaging in space-heater turf wars. (Gotta buy something other than a bath mat for them to lie on though.)

Okay, back to work now…or would that be a cozy bubble bath instead? And, if bubble bath, can I say I worked if I read one of my research books while soaking?

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  • She’s either winking or giving me the stink-eye with the other one!

    Actually, she’s a rescue dog. She was a stray and got attacked by a raccoon. Had to take out the eye and sew it shut, poor thing. She bumps into things every now and then — it’s kind of funny (but I shouldn’t laugh).

  • I vote for sporty spaniel myself. That is a very COOL outfit, and you can see she thinks she looks pretty great in it.

    As for your question–is it working if you’re doing your research while in a bubble bath? Well…YEAH!!

  • Love the outfit -sporty spaniel indeed! She is really “stylin'” as they say 😉

    Regarding research – bubble baths, massages, wine tastings…all make very interesting topics of study as far as I’m concerned.

  • oh: speaking of dogs, liked your six words on beagle (too lazy to comment, unfortunately).

    Hi Sandi, nice to hear from you. It’s true that the coat lends her a sporty air — she could almost fool you. I’ll be doing a lot of soaked researched in the coming months!

    Becca…massages and wine tastings…I’ll have to add those to my “research” repetoire!


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