Snow Day!

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snowday1It doesn’t take much for this California girl to call it a snow day and hunker inside, happy as a kid on hookie day. It might surprise you to know that Portland doesn’t get much snow that sticks, much less accumulates. And I’ll be the first to claim that I can’t drive on days like this. I’m a wuss that way.

So, yippee! A snow day!

I get to sip the spiced cioccolata that I bought for my book group, postponed until next weekend, and nibble on the traditional Czech holiday cookies that I bought from a woman who’s a fabulous baker. Yippee!

I get to cuddle on the sofa and write Christmas cards while watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries, the one with young Colin Firth rising out of the water in soaked white blouse. You must remember that — put Firth on the map in these here United States. And, yes, I own the DVDs…

I get to tramp to the grocery store in the hiking boots I rarely get a chance to use (and that I love!) and take a few pictures along the way.

snowday2I get to laugh at my dog when I eventually take her out on a pee break. She’s not going to be pleased.

It’s not as if I had an eventful day planned after my book group, but somehow it will be more fun writing my Christmas cards now. I call snow days one of life’s little pleasures.

Right now, though, I’m heading back to bed to read the latest novel with a spiced cioccolata mocha. Yippee!


  1. That lamp post makes it look like Narnia.

  2. That sounds like a perfect day. Heavenly. I must get out my P&P DVD and watch that Colin moment again.

  3. I interviewed Firth for Vogue (Japan) years ago. He’s just as classy in person. And what a coincidence: I watched the very same series last week!

  4. Hi Travis, you’re right it does. That lamp post is a sweet anomaly, lighting the way for the raccoons at night.

    Charlotte, it was a nice interlude, all right. Gotta love Firth!

    You met Firth, Mari?! Aaaaahhhh!

  5. I have plenty of opportunities to enjoy snow days in Michigan, and I take full advantage of them, too! Plenty of hot drinks, books, cookies, books, snuggling with the pups, books…you get the picture 🙂

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