Quick Petition for Advice

Sometimes I receive writing questions that I feel unqualified to answer. In this case, the question comes from a high-school buddy. He wants to know if I have suggestions for getting short stories published.

A basic question, isn’t it? But I don’t have a great answer!

The truth is, I don’t write many short stories so I haven’t plummed the depths of the literary-journal world. There are tons of them out there, I know that much, but how to get their names? Is there a central clearing house on the Net or elsewhere that lists literary journals?

So, short-story writers out there: How do you go about researching literary journals and their submission criteria? Do you send out multiple submissions? Any other tips?

WW, if you’re reading this: I do know that to begin with, I’d check out the 100 Best Short Story, Pushcart Prize and other annual short story anthologies — they’ll list the journals that originally published the stories. I’d also check out various writing magazines for listings. (I’d also read the short stories in those anthologies.)