Just a January Thing

bakerspice3Honestly, I have no idea what happened. I started off the week on a positive, focused note, only to have all that energy slither into a January hole. This is nothing new; every year it’s the same thing. Sometimes I wish we had it like the Aussies with the New Year occuring in high summer. That way I’d already be energetic, all the better to proceed with fresh goals and perspectives.

I managed some revision work, but only because I forced myself out of the house and into a cafe without WiFi (key!). Even then, I found myself staring at people, out the window, into my vegan soup. I jotted revision notes on Post-Its — that is, ideas for the next revision cycle — and this wore me out.

I managed to put away two baskets of laundry that have been sitting around since December. And I found a spot to store a Christmas present that I’ll never use; it had been gathering dust next to the couch. And I finally bought lightbulbs for both bathroom vanities, which take four each, and which were down to only one working bulb each.

bakerspice21I spent a whole day figuring out how to access a thing called the “source depot,” which is where I’ll get and retrieve work materials for my day-job projects. It’s a telecommuting thing. Who knew I’d have to download a new program, update my computer with Microsoft Updates, get credentialed, set up a extranet portal account and enable it, install a depot client, create a PPTP  connection, and, figure out the correct port name to connect to the correct database.

Did you understand any of that? I didn’t.

Many potential blog posts popped into my head, found little nourishment, and slithered away again.

Believe it or not, I don’t consider myself a moody person. It’s just January.