Talk About a Writing Distraction!

Meet Luna (formerly known as Queenie), a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Pekinese. As if I don’t have enough writing distractions, right?

Luckily, Luna is mellow mellow mellow and happy to snooze near my desk while I’m working.

She may be a stuffed-animal-sized canine cyclops, but she still knows how to turn on her cute face.






Despite the name change, she’s a queenie at heart. She’s not too keen on the riff-raff in the dog park…







 But she enjoys her chauffeur-driven outings.


The dog formerly known as Queenie quickly usurped the cat’s bed.







And now, check out the cat’s scary stalking behavior — on Luna’s blind side, no less. He looks like a cross between Munch’s “The Scream” and some creepy entity out of a Pang brothers horror flick.






Unfortunately for Luna, true queenliness requires good hygiene.








Her story:

She was found at the beginning of May, a stray with her eye hanging by its optic cord. A Good Samaritan paid for emergency care but didn’t keep her. Luna ended up in animal control, where her eye became hugely infected. She was about to be euthanized when a rescue organization called OFOSA (Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals) re-rescued her and ensured proper vet care. Now, she bumps into things every now and then, but gets along just fine. Thank you, OFOSA!

And her new name? In true geek fashion, I browsed my reference books. Apparently, in western symbolism, the left eye is passive and lunar (versus active and solar for the right). Plus, she sports a nice little moon-face.