My Wise Friend

I have a friend. He’s kinda wise. Every once in awhile he leaves supportive comments on this blog. Yesterday we emailed a few rounds back-and-forth.

He wrote this:

Also, I just have to say after catching up on reading your blog posts: hang in there. Yes, you want to get published and you want this to be your career, but this is also about the journey getting there. I have complete confidence that your perseverance will be rewarded. Like I’ve said before, this is the first big test.

In response to my reponse that in the day-to-day, the journey isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be (come on, let’s be honest; true, isn’t it?), he wrote this:

It’s kind of like climbing a mountain. A lot of the steps along the way are painful and not what you’d call fun, but occasionally you turn around and say, “wow, look how far I’ve come!”

He’s right, of course.