This Is my Big Toe

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Well, hi there after so long. I feel like I’m venturing into a cozy room after wandering an outer darkness for awhile. My room is a parlor with striped wallpaper and fringed lamps, and it contains a roaring fire and dozens shabby, genteel wingback chairs. In those wingback chairs lounge virtual blog friends of times past. You, my blog friends, are ghostly as yet — but welcoming — and my chair sits in the middle of everyone, already warmed by the fire.

This is my big toe venturing back into blog-world. It needs a little warming up, so I shall stretch it toward the hearth by way of 2010 photos.

Hey, how are you? Drop a line, let me know.

January: Hanalei Bay, Hawaii! Vitamin D! Lots of mai tais!

February: Early spring

March: Oregon coast for one of my impromptu writers retreats

One-eyed doggy a-okay

Happy Easter


  1. Welcome back. Don’t be a stranger. The water is fine.

  2. Beautiful photos Lisa. So great to see you peeking back in here. Would love to hear more about Hawaii (writer’s conference or vacation or both?). Hope you’ve been well.

  3. Welcome back! I just rejoined the blogosphere myself after almost 2 years of my site being down and laziness keeping me from fixing it.

  4. Welcome back! What about the writer retreat?

  5. Hi, Lisa — So glad to see you’re back 🙂
    I’d love to hear about your retreat, too. I dream of someday going to that one…such a gorgeous setting.

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