Time Traveling? Or Nuts? You Tell Me!

I’m leaning toward nuts, but I hope in an engagingly preoccupied way that I can blame on the fiction…

A few moments ago, relaxing in bath, with novel, and, yo, duh, I realized that I’d lost track of the day of the week and the date of the month. Perhaps not so unusual, that. Such confusions often go hand in hand.


Not only that, I was apparently time traveling forward and backward simultaneously because I wrote “November 18, 2008” in my novel journal today yet this morning posted a Free-For-All Friday post! It’s one thing not to know the exact date (par for the course with me), but the day of the week?!? How did I wake up this morning thinking it was Friday? In fact, last night I started writing the Free-For-All Friday post, none the wiser…

And how is it, knowing that a week from today is Thanksgiving, having firmed up my holiday plans just today, having jotted those plans in my day planner, did I think we were only on the 18th?

I ask you!

Yee gads, it’s official: I’m one of those crazy writers! (Any new readers coming upon the Free-For-All Friday post must think so, too!)

Maybe I should dance the time warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show about now.

0 comments on “Time Traveling? Or Nuts? You Tell Me!

  • So funny! I had a moment of doubt and thought, it’s Friday???? Then I realized it was Thursday, and then I saw this post where you obviously realized too. You crack me up.

  • Glad I crack someone up, nova! Sometimes I wonder if I’m just cracking aparnt. (Actually, I’m in a crabby mood right now; see next post…)

    Hi Sherrie, thanks for dropping in. Feels like the weirdness factor is ever on the increase too! One thing I’ve noticed: My social skills are decreasing; it’s embarrassing sometimes!


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