Tiny Blog Break

Just until next week. Not feeling chatty at the moment, plus busy Thanksgiving weekend coming up. I’m looking forward to the busy-ness, which will be people-oriented. This, I think, will do me good. Get outside myself, you know what I mean?

And, yum, turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and pie!

0 comments on “Tiny Blog Break

  • sorry about the effed up set back. i just want to add (to your last post) “i CHOOSE not to feel the funk”. but hey, who wouldn’t want to feel the funk, i ask you?

    in any event, i envy your west coast fall!

  • Lisa, hi, thanks for popping in. I wish I’ve reached that level of detachment! How do we not feel our feelings? There gotta be zen mastery in that, which I don’t have…


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