Was That a Sign of Spring I Saw?

springblossoms.jpgAfter a great writing session, look what I saw flowering in the midst of icy snow flurries! Almost too gloomy to see, but these flowers look like springtime to me. I call them a dirty trick to play on this hapless, sun-deprived scribbler. Still, I enjoyed the sneak peek and inspired a walker with her Great Pyrenees to admire the dainty pink blossoms also.




These blossoms reminded of my 2003 trip to Paris. I lucked out with a glorious April. Blooms everywhere!

I snapped this photo at an undersung but fabulous museum, Musée Rodin. Priceless art in a gorgeous formal garden: one of my favorite outdoor hanging-out spots.

However, my top pick was the Place des Vosges, a perfect old world square with a perfect grassy park. I spent many an hour picnicking and writing there. In fact, here’s a quote from A Writer’s Paris by Eric Maisel, a pretty little book that’s a must for any writer visiting Paris:




What is the magic of this place? The wrought iron lamps are certainly beautiful, as are the low wrought iron fences shaped like bent twigs. The placement of the fountains is right, the arcades that surround the square are right, the red brick mansions are right — it is all right, but I don’t believe the square’s allure is only about golden proportions. It is the ethic, the cultural imperative. Here you are encouraged to sit and write and people-watch, to adjourn to a neighboring café and write and people-watch some more, to pass an entire day this way…The Place des Vosges supports your artistic nature. About how many places can that be said?


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