Writing my Christmas Cards

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eeyore-copyI can’t help but laugh at myself when it comes to writing Christmas cards. I know we’re supposed to be merry and hopeful, but I love to write a good old-fashioned downer of a card. I mean, this is my life, right? Why do I have to be merry?

If I’m not ending the year on a high note, why fake it?

Plus, writing about my conflicts, self-doubts, angsts, and all that jazz is more fun. It’s like writing stories with good conflicts. Who wants to read a novel about a happy single girl? I’ll tell you: no one.

And speaking of storytelling in whatever format it takes, my stats have gone up on this here blog since my troubles began on November 21st. Why? Because people like stories with conflicts. Seems so obvious. But I’m not going to milk my woes for the sake of stats, just so you know.

Back to Christmas cards: I’ve received plenty of favorable reviews on them over the years. Some of my friends look forward to my cards. I can imagine some of them thinking, What kind of train wreck is Lisa going to describe this year? Must be a hoot for them, and I admit I play it up a little. I mean, I’m a writer, I can do that for the sake of fun and drama.

Problem with that is that some folks might get to feeling sorry for me. That poor Lisa, what a pathetic life. But I don’t care. I like writing my downer Christmas cards…

I was thinking about all this last night after reading the following on One Word, One Rung, One Day, a blog well worth checking out. Being that I was in the middle of writing Christmas cards, I cracked up, I couldn’t help it!

“Why is it the only time you hear the word tidings is during the holidays and in reference to the song. Can you have tiding of something besides joy? I think I’m going to wait until March or April and when something makes me mad I’m going to say I offer you tiding of pain and discomfort. Or the next time Whataburger screws up my meat and cheese only burger I might ask the doofus behind the counter, “Have you been snacking on tidings of stupidity again?” “

I always did have a special fondness for Eeyore.


  1. “I mean, I’m a writer, I can do that for the sake of fun and drama.”

    Exactly. 🙂

  2. Lisa, maybe spilling all the downer stuff onto the cards will help? Just like when we blog out our woes it helps? I hope it does anyway.

    2009 is going to be better. Just wait.

  3. Hi leafless — so maybe my blog is really creative nonfiction? 🙂

    Hi nova, glad to hear from you! I do think venting the downer stuff helps, whether here or on cards. I vent much more effectively through writing than vocally, that’s for sure…

    And: 2009, yea!

  4. Tidings of procrastination have kept me from responding before now.

    Looks like I needed some tidings of proofreading before posting that segment.

  5. Merry Christmas! Merry Everything!

  6. Hi Travis, tidings of hopeful New Year to you!

    Merry Christmas, oh!

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