Dropped the Writing Ball This Week

Why is it that after a great writing roll, I lose momentum? I haven’t written a word this week, and I’m feeling overly critical of myself at the moment. I’m sure this happens to many writers, but I find it puzzling because nothing momentous occurred to throw me off my routines. In fact, it’s been a quiet week (perhaps too quiet for my own good?).

Admittedly, I’m on deadline for a freelance job, but this task only took over my afternoon hours. Every morning, I got up as usual…then didn’t get the writing done. This, even though my characters were the last “people” on my mind as I drifted off to sleep and the first when I woke up. And even though I re-read the last 60 pages that I’d written in a fast whirl to get a grip on them, brainstormed, and so on. It’s not like I haven’t been thinking about my story.

But still, I get itchy when there are no actual pages to show for my mental activity.

Three possible factors for this malingering week:

  1. I needed to re-fill my creativity cup. 
  2. I’m on the home stretch and resisting “The End.” I’ve been living with these characters for so long…
  3. I’m uncertain about the story’s resolution. Is something not right? Could be, but I won’t know what this something is until I write through to the end anyhow.

To quote a writer (can’t remember who, when, or where) I heard awhile back: 

   “Even if you think it’s crap, you gotta get it down on the page.”

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  • I vote for number one. It’s easy to outpace one’s creativity, especially toward the end. The mind needs some down time to assemble all the pieces correctly. There is some merit to number two though, as well. It’s kind of like reading a book you love so much you ration the pages you can read in a day to make it last longer.

    All is well, I’m certain.


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