Groggy But Writing…

Last weekend, two friends mentioned that they read my humble blog regularly, and I was (absurdly) pleased to hear it. The point of these blogs is to be read, but still, I was surprised: A few people out there in cyber-ether keep up on me? One of them went so far as to mention that I have an exciting life. Hah! That goes to show that I’m a fiction writer — I can dramatize anything. My life is pleasantly dull, but if I can fool all of you then more power to me!

I have no deep thoughts today, but in honor of Jen and Carmen I thought I’d write anyhow. I know I’ll come up with something off the cuff, because writers can do that as well as dramatize…

Last week I didn’t write. However, yesterday was a gangbusters day, so I guess I did need a week to marinate. My friend Liz put in nicely in her comment to last Friday’s post: “It’s easy to outpace one’s creativity, especially toward the end. The mind needs some down time to assemble all the pieces correctly.”

Yep! Thanks, Liz!

Today I’m off to a slower start (time-out to write this post is the big clue). In fact, here’s an example of typical me on a typical writing day:

This morning, in bed, groggy, eyeballs gluey, stewing about today’s scene. I know its premise: two men looking for a woman who has disappeared, one of them the brother, one of them the love interest; plus, a dog they’re hoping has a decent tracking nose (it doesn’t). But what about this scene? I already know they’re not going to find her (yet)…So, what’s it all about? It feels boring — so is it meant to be a set-up scene for more to come? Is that kosher? What actually HAPPENS in this scene? What’s its plot? What’s going on? Why am I writing it? What the heck am I doing? (And so on.)

That was my groggy mind this morning. In the midst of these thoughts, the phone rang, a high-school buddy calling to remind me that I was supposed to have met her for coffee 20 minutes previously!

There you go. My hapless writer’s life in a nutshell.

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  • Yes, I am reading your blog. Feel the inner glow.

    I’ve been out of it for almost a week, too. Today I solved my problem (maybe). It turns out that my last scene went the wrong way, and I knew it all along but I went that way anyway, etc. Wrong character, wrong dialog, wrong everything. So I butchered the scene today; left nothing but the shanks to stew on overnight. We’ll see how they taste in the morning.

    So down-time does happen, maybe to me more than to others but to all of us all the same. Anyway, I’m glad you’re back.

    (By the way, I seem to remember that E.G., aka The Great One, recommended putting glue on your butt, not on your eyeballs. Just a suggestion.)

  • Hmmm. In the light of morning, my comment sounds sassy, but I was actually feeling silly when I wrote it. Hate it when that happens. Let`s sum it up: Add me to your list of grateful readers, and it`s great that you`re back in the saddle. Cheerio!

  • BigD!

    Thank you!

    I was just wondering about you, actually, because you hadn’t sassily commented in awhile. We need to do a cafe sitting soon.

    I’m glad to be back, too. Though, today I’m feeling groggier than yesterday…sigh…

  • Lisa, I love your blog and read it regularly. I get comfort and inspiration from your struggles and triumphs. Why am I writing this and what the #@*! am I doing have been my alternating mantras this week. Glad to know I’m in good company.

  • Tracer! And thank you, too, for reading my blog. And thanks for mentioning “comfort” and “inspiration.” I know for myself that I love to hear about other writers’ coping mechanisms and emotional rollercoaster rides — reassuring somehow.

    Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to catching up sometime (when we get it together!).


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