Monday as my Sunday: A Day of Rest

Popped in on Struggling Writer just now, and he’s on the same roll as I am today: more weekend, please!

Days like today I wonder if the various religious doctrines had it right when they called for a “day of rest” (which was meant to be a day of devotion, but…you know…). Days like today, I’m resting in response to an excellent writing week followed by a people-oriented, party-oriented weekend.

Maybe a little too social a weekend after too good a writing week for this introvert? As if there’s such a thing as “too” good a writing week, but other writers may understand the special brand of brain-tired that results from a week of great output. Basically, it comes down to this: I didn’t have time to refresh (or “reboot” as BigD likes to say) my brain after last week’s wordsmithing.

Honestly, I need my downtime in a big way. And, blasphemy of blasphemies: I didn’t have time to read! That’s the most telling fact of all about my weekend.

I need one day in which I don’t go to the computer immediately, in which I sip my first java at midday, in which I fool around with no set agenda, in which I nap if that should so happen while I’m reading. In other words, a mental-health day.

Not that I don’t feel a smidgen guilty as I write this instead of start the next chapter. However, I know that I can make up today’s imagined pages over the rest of the week.

What have I accomplished today? Leisurely dog-walk, decent breakfast, a little blog-browsing and commenting…uhm…this post…uhm…

What makes for your ideal day of rest?

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  • Your post could be the “acknowledgment of thoughts” for many of us who struggle to fill that blank page. I take comfort in knowing I am not the only one who “begs” for down time.

    Annie O.

  • Down time is definitely at a premium in my life. As for my ideal day of rest…drinking coffee, reading on the back porch, walking the dogs in the park, more reading on the back porch…you get the idea 🙂

    Such simple pleasures, really- is that too much to ask?

  • A long hike on Saturday for me, followed by an at-home work day on Sunday to recover my wits (and my body’s energy) for the week ahead. That’s probably my favorite. I like time with friends, too, but I have to watch out for those intense conversations that are likely to get my mind wrapped around the wrong worries. Staying goofy usually works for that. 🙂

  • cedar, oh I beg all right!

    Becca, that’s my kind of day! Taking time for the simple pleasures is always the challenge.

    BigD! You do goofy well, that’s for sure! I hear you on the downside of intense conversations; I seem to recall feeling distracted after some of our philosophical chats, hehe.


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