Today’s Friday?

Current mood: industrious
Current mood: industrious

I call it a dandy sign that I turned down dinner with friends tonight. It’s not that I’m pathetic or antisocial, it’s that I floated around in fiction mode all week, lost track of the days, and figured tomorrow for another weekday.

Has that ever happened to you?

I also forgot that my book group is meeting on Sunday to discuss The Senator’s Wife by Sue Milller. I haven’t started the book yet…

All this forgetfulness is fine by me; it means I’m finally immersed in a long fiction project. I’m a little fearful that the next round of work deadlines (started to heat up this week) will derail me from the writing. I need to figure that one out, for sure.

But, meanwhile, working from home, you’d think the weekend distinction wouldn’t matter, but the notion is instilled into my hardwiring. Usually anyhow. Since I already declined a dinner out, I’m pretending tonight’s a typical Thursday night, or maybe Wednesday. I’ll start the next scene tonight before bed and continue it tomorrow morning.

Silly sidenote: What am I doing as I write this post, specifically this sentence at exactly 9:42 p.m.? I’m watching the new Melrose Place pilot episode! Yee gads, I know, I know! So far, this episode features murder, bribery, cougar action, adultery, financial ruin, a shaky marriage proposal, sexual proposals (for $$s), and depraved ambition. Maybe I am a little pathetic and antisocial, after all?

(P.S. Was the old Melrose Place that I watched with addictive glee as silly as this one?)

Monday as my Sunday: A Day of Rest

Popped in on Struggling Writer just now, and he’s on the same roll as I am today: more weekend, please!

Days like today I wonder if the various religious doctrines had it right when they called for a “day of rest” (which was meant to be a day of devotion, but…you know…). Days like today, I’m resting in response to an excellent writing week followed by a people-oriented, party-oriented weekend.

Maybe a little too social a weekend after too good a writing week for this introvert? As if there’s such a thing as “too” good a writing week, but other writers may understand the special brand of brain-tired that results from a week of great output. Basically, it comes down to this: I didn’t have time to refresh (or “reboot” as BigD likes to say) my brain after last week’s wordsmithing.

Honestly, I need my downtime in a big way. And, blasphemy of blasphemies: I didn’t have time to read! That’s the most telling fact of all about my weekend.

I need one day in which I don’t go to the computer immediately, in which I sip my first java at midday, in which I fool around with no set agenda, in which I nap if that should so happen while I’m reading. In other words, a mental-health day.

Not that I don’t feel a smidgen guilty as I write this instead of start the next chapter. However, I know that I can make up today’s imagined pages over the rest of the week.

What have I accomplished today? Leisurely dog-walk, decent breakfast, a little blog-browsing and commenting…uhm…this post…uhm…

What makes for your ideal day of rest?