One Year Later

fruitNovelist DeAnna Cameron was kind enough to remind me that I’ve hit my year anniversary as a blogger. Yow! How did that happen? And here I thought I’d peter out, or, if not that, get bored with yammering into a void.

To be honest, I started this blog to ease my introverted tooshy into the public sphere. I’m notoriously private — maybe even secretive by nature — which makes writing a challenge in many ways. This blog was my start because, you see, my manuscript was juicy-delicious indeed. Of course an editor would bite — of course.

My agent had just started shopping my novel around New York. This blog was my first foray into the world of self-promotion. Me, practising how to talk about myself. I figured by the time the novel was published, I’d also know how to tap into this great virtual sphere o’ influence.

I had it all figured out. I’d be the star of The Lisa Show, ready to comfortably tout my debut novel. I was in a positive frame of mind. Events were flowing my way. Excitement.

Now, fast forward one year to right this second. How am I feeling? Honestly? You really want to know? Let’s call it “dejuiced.”

My consolation is that blogging has turned out to be its own reward, never mind the business considerations. Who knew blogging would be fun? Who knew I’d “meet” cool folks and care about their journeys?

Strange, maybe even paradoxical, as this sounds, writing into the void lessens my sense of isolation. Virtual-schmirtual, I’ve found a worthwhile community to accompany me on my journey. The void isn’t a void anymore.

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  • Congratulations! I just found you so I hope you’ll keep going on. I don’t think you’re yammering to a void…”blogging has turned out to be its own reward” – well said.

  • Thanks, Charlotte and mari. When I started, I wondered if I’d have enough thoughts for a months, much less a year or three. Go figure! But then, when it comes to writing, I’m a blabbermouth (unlike in person) — which is one reason I’m a writer, eh? This is probably true for most of us wordsmiths, right?

  • It is amazing how blogging does that, isn’t it? It does certainly become its own reward, even when it’s difficult and, we suspect, keeps us from more productive things. Think of all the wonderful friendships! And I think you’ve done a great job with this blog, and I still remember how clever you were about finding other people and getting started…and I love reading you and rooting for your book!!

  • Thanks so much, Sandi. That’s great to hear. I agree about the friendships and support. It’s wonderful. I’m looking forward to suggesting your novel to my book group when it’s my turn!


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