See My Nightstand?

Book chaos as of January 2008

Oh dear. My previous post stood as my latest installment for FAR too long. As an emotional barometer, it’s misleading. Have I been morbidly depressed since October 20th? Is this why I haven’t posted? 

My friends tell me to quit being so hard on myself, so this is what I did: I let it all go for awhile and just lived my life. I pondered my fiction, wondering if I should quit all together. I decided to quit, in fact. Funny thing is, I may play the I’m-quitting-fiction game, but fiction doesn’t want to quit me. In fact, I found myself applying for an artist-in-residency as well as imagining a new novel. 

Oy...July 2009

And, let’s face it, you know it’s time to post anew when you get this from two friends within 24 hours. 

“Sometimes I read your blog and really worry about you.” 

“Ooh, I read your blog, and think, Lisa’s on her way to a dark place.” 

OH dear. But, see my nightstand…See see?

And now!

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  • Glad to see you’re getting through your TBR pile and to hear that fiction refuses to desert you!

    My friends, especially the distant ones, also take my blog as an emotional barometer. It can be misleading. Firstly, my blog is not private because it’s not anonymous so I guard what I say there, and secondly, it’s only a barometer of one moment, and doesn’t give an overall picture.

    Glad to have you back, Lisa!

    • So true, Charlotte: just one itty bitty moment in time. And, for me, I tend to need to process/vent the downer moments more than the upper moments. Funny thing is: I’m actually a pretty even-keel person! Blogging cracks me up sometimes…

  • Glad to read your post! Sometimes a nightstand is a surprisingly good telltale, isn’t it?
    But just as a blog post, it can be misleading too. At our place, my nightstand features a huge pile, because it’s too high for my son to grab and play and tear pages off books 😉

  • I, too, fall away from blogging lots of times, and usually it has to do with just a kind of inertia. I’m glad to see you’re fine, and also glad to see that fiction won’t let go of you! I think Phil, above, is right: we’re all better writers for these breaks we take, whether we want to take them or not. Stuff percolates in there. Good luck with the fellowship!


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