See My Nightstand?

Book chaos as of January 2008

Oh dear. My previous post stood as my latest installment for FAR too long. As an emotional barometer, it’s misleading. Have I been morbidly depressed since October 20th? Is this why I haven’t posted? 

My friends tell me to quit being so hard on myself, so this is what I did: I let it all go for awhile and just lived my life. I pondered my fiction, wondering if I should quit all together. I decided to quit, in fact. Funny thing is, I may play the I’m-quitting-fiction game, but fiction doesn’t want to quit me. In fact, I found myself applying for an artist-in-residency as well as imagining a new novel. 

Oy...July 2009

And, let’s face it, you know it’s time to post anew when you get this from two friends within 24 hours. 

“Sometimes I read your blog and really worry about you.” 

“Ooh, I read your blog, and think, Lisa’s on her way to a dark place.” 

OH dear. But, see my nightstand…See see?

And now!