Starting my Writing Week…

It’s that Monday push against writing inertia. Funny how I resist; every week it’s the same. Today, it’s a tad rougher than usual because I’ve first gotta brainstorm the next five or six scenes, get them straight in my head. Should have done that over the weekend so that I was ready to go this morning, but…ah well.

Portland’s raininess is a blessing in disguise when it comes to the writing (not to mention my skin; my born-and-raised native friends have the most youthful, wonderful skin). However, today: sun!!! It’s lovely out there…Conflict, conflict, what’s a girl to do? I need my vitamin D!

P.S. Over the weekend, I almost bought a dog…yep…which is why I didn’t settle down to any writing tasks. Also, I must mention a crazy movie I watched during movie night with the girly friends: “Fido.” We thought of a tag-line: A campy yet touching social satire about domesticated zombies. It’s basically a boy-and-his-dog (speaking of dogs) film set in the 1950s. Thanks to Mysterious Mr. M for the recommendation!

Okay, no more procrastinating!

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  • Surfing the writing blogs and found yours and I relate to your post; mine is a seven days a week discipline to keep on point. I work out early Monday-Friday and after another two hours of getting “life” under control, family, returning emails, submissions, etc., I settle down to write, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, until sleep overtakes me. I retired from the “day job” to write. One may not get rich in money, but rich in fulfillment is worth more to me than money. Enjoyed your other post, will add you to my blog roll. Have a good day…

    Annie O.

  • Thanks for checking out my blog and for commenting, Annie!

    I do find it easier to keep on point when I at least do a little something over the weekends — which I usually manage. On the other hand, sometimes I need a weekend away from self-discipline. You sound like you’ve got your discipline well-trained!

  • Hmmm…now I know why I have such youthful skin! I’d never thought of that, but I was born and raised in Portland and people always tell me I look ten years younger than I am. So all those rainy summers have finally paid off! Haha!

    I’m starting a new project ASAP. That’s always hard to do for me. I aim for two hours a day and then build up from there.

  • Hi Joelle,

    I’ll tell ya, about now I’m wishing I wasn’t a born-and-raised Californian; the sun damage is starting to catch up with me…

    I find new projects difficult also. I don’t have a million ideas like some writers seem to — mine are slooooow to bloom.

  • You’re lucky! I have so many ideas I know I’ll never get to them all. As for WIPs, right now I only have 4, which is about half of what I usually have. Finished but awaiting a final polish before I submit; 2 YA novels, 2 children’s stories, 3 romance novellas, 2 novels, 1 romantic suspense, 1 paranormal romance. As for poems, don’t ask!

    I hoped typing all that would inspire me to actually do something about all these files gathering dust on my computer. Instead I’m too tired to do anything at all now!


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