Returning to Blogland, Hopefully

I’ve been on a summer vacation of sorts. I wrote a cranky post at the beginning of August and then mostly quit blogging. This week I’d planned to return to all my routines. Summer vacation is officially over after weekends aways, weddings, parties, family visits, and all that fun stuff. I managed some fiction work; I readied my iPod for that new workout plan I’ve yet to start; I started perusing my New Yorker pile for articles that I must save for vague writerly reasons.

And, I did think about returning to Blogland. Everyday, I thought about my blog, my blogroll friends. I thought about my first “returned” post…ho-hum…and never wrote it.

Then, this morning, I forced myself to read a few of my favorite bloggers. A simple step back into the fray. I chose Bloglily first, and her post was perfect. In her usual eloquent fashion, she captured my blog-ennui perfectly. She calls it “blogertia.” I had to laugh when I read her post, and that was enough to almost snap me out of my blogertia. (I’m here, writing this, after all.)

I decided to write this pointless post in response to her post, simply to force myself out of my blogertia. I didn’t think I’d have anything to write, but, check this out: four paragraphs so far! By now, I should know better: Once I start writing, no matter how aimlessly, the words always come.

I’m glad to be back. Feels good. Maybe I’ll get around to a real post by Monday or Tuesday (or Wednesday or Thursday?) next week.

Starting my Writing Week…

It’s that Monday push against writing inertia. Funny how I resist; every week it’s the same. Today, it’s a tad rougher than usual because I’ve first gotta brainstorm the next five or six scenes, get them straight in my head. Should have done that over the weekend so that I was ready to go this morning, but…ah well.

Portland’s raininess is a blessing in disguise when it comes to the writing (not to mention my skin; my born-and-raised native friends have the most youthful, wonderful skin). However, today: sun!!! It’s lovely out there…Conflict, conflict, what’s a girl to do? I need my vitamin D!

P.S. Over the weekend, I almost bought a dog…yep…which is why I didn’t settle down to any writing tasks. Also, I must mention a crazy movie I watched during movie night with the girly friends: “Fido.” We thought of a tag-line: A campy yet touching social satire about domesticated zombies. It’s basically a boy-and-his-dog (speaking of dogs) film set in the 1950s. Thanks to Mysterious Mr. M for the recommendation!

Okay, no more procrastinating!